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Like any machine, a dryer vent also needs proper maintenance to keep working efficiently. Its maintenance lies in the cleaning of the vent compartment, which is more likely to have dirt and dust build-up. This dirt buildup poses a risk to the working and body of the equipment. And if you’ve experienced something similar, there’s no need to worry! Our experts in dryer vent cleaning in Connecticut can unclog the dryer vent and prevent unfortunate incidents from happening.

The Right Time To Clean The Vent

There are some signs that signal that it’s time to clean the dryer vent. For example, the time it takes for the machine to dry is more than the normal timing when the vent is clogged. Also, it’s not a good sign if you find that the clothes are unnecessarily hot when you take them out of the dryer. Moisture left in the clothes is also another clear warning. Similarly, you will need to avail cleaning services if you notice that the outdoor wall is partially opening during operation. If the operation heats up the dryer excessively, or the machine shuts off automatically in the middle of the cycle, consider cleaning the vent immediately. Inappropriate bending of duct also plays a big role in the collection of dirt in the dryer vent. So, we recommend you choose our professional services for vent cleaning. Contact us at 833-833-3637 . Our experts in dryer vent cleaning in Connecticut will inspect the root cause carefully and go for the right solution. If everything goes smoothly, you should still ask an expert technician to check the condition of the dryer vent every four months. If four months is a bit hectic, make sure you at least go for a yearly evaluation. 

What If You Don’t Clean The Dryer Vent?

The functionality of a dryer hugely depends on the condition of its vent. If the vent is clean, the dryer consumes less energy and can serve you for many years to come. A debris-free vent eliminates the chances of fire incidents. Also, you get to enjoy the desired results from the equipment. On the other hand, paying no attention to the periodic maintenance of the vent can cost you heavily. The debris accumulated in the vent compartment affects air regulation negatively. Sometimes, fire also occurs when the vent is blocked. Apart from this, a blocked vent prevents the dryer from throwing out poisonous gases such as carbon monoxide, which raises hygiene issues. Another problem is that the debris restricts the machine from giving 100% results, and the machine starts consuming additional energy. Considering all these problems, it’s essential that you take dryer vent cleaning seriously. 

Benefits Of Choosing Green Restoration

With a 24/7 service, our team is always ready to serve you. Our experienced technicians inspect the dryer and each of its components, including the vent. Once they determine the fault, they come up with the best solution and follow through with it and try to complete the entire process in the least possible time. You can also contact us for regular maintenance of your dryer.   Remember, never compromise on the condition of your dryer vent. The consequences include monoxide poisoning and fire risk, so it’s best you don’t ignore it for too long. If you’re looking for dryer vent cleaning in Connecticut, don’t hesitate to give us a call!
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