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Commercial Air duct cleaning


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Commercial air duct cleaning helps in notably improving the air quality in your workplace. It impacts the satisfaction, productivity, and health of your employees significantly and reduces your bills as well. Commercial HVAC systems make use of 30% more energy if they are not maintained, so contact Green Restoration and make your HVAC system efficient again!

Why Choose Green Restoration?

When it comes to commercial air duct cleaning, it is a good idea to leave it to the pros. When you choose us for commercial air duct cleaning, our team of experts provides you with not only air duct cleaning but other services as well, including:

  • Furnace cleaning
  • AC coil cleaning
  • Air conditioner cleaning
  • Air exchanger cleaning
  • Sanitization
  • Fan and blower cleaning
  • Humidifier cleaning

Not only that but if you are scheduling a commercial cleaning service for your property, you can trust us completely. Our team ensures that it is not only affordable but also incredibly efficient. We make sure that our work is completed in the given time frame. Our trained and professional staff aim to provide you with 100% customer satisfaction and ensure an environmentally-friendly operation. So, if you’re looking for commercial air duct cleaning, contact us today by calling us. 

Why Is Commercial Duct Cleaning Essential?

The build-up of allergens and contaminants, along with clogged ducts, can negatively affect the air you breathe in. Cleaning the entire ductwork is very important and is essential for both economic and health reasons. Here’s why:

  • Improves air quality: Poor air quality can lead to issues such as cough, allergies, and sneezing amongst employees. This leads to dissatisfaction and complaints. Duct cleaning helps in removing airborne allergens and contaminants and leaves behind fresh air to breathe in.
  • Reduces microbial growth: Microbes such as bacteria and mold can grow over time in the HVAC systems and ducts of commercial buildings. It can be easy to overlook them at the start, but they cause problems later on. 
  • Save energy bills: Constant circulation of air filled with harmful particles can damage the HVAC system and result in expensive repairs. Similarly, inconsistent air recirculation can lead to higher utility bills. 
  • Extends HVAC equipment: Commercial air duct cleaning saves energy costs and also makes the system run efficiently. 

Commercial Air Duct Cleaning Process

Green Restoration is known for its eco-friendly techniques and tools it makes use of. We make use of a five-step air duct cleaning process to ensure you only breathe in healthy, unpolluted air. These steps include the:

  1. Contact us by calling us, as soon as you need us.
  2. We will start by connecting a vacuum to the ductwork to remove debris and dirt.
  3. Once the dirt is removed, we will get rid of contaminants using high-end products. 
  4. After destroying the contaminants, we will remove them to ensure the circulation of clean air.
  5. The cleaning process will end with the removal of contaminants, and all the duct holes will be resealed.

Indoor air pollutants can be very damaging to your health and the health of your employees. Call Green Restoration for commercial air duct cleaning and let us make the air fresh and clean again.

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“We had water damage due to a toilet overflow which flooded our basement. Workers were very professional and clean. We are very pleased with their work."
Karlis Ulmanis
These guys were great. The first time they came they cleaned up our toilet overflow, this time it was just storm water in our basement. They were responsive and thorough as always.”
Laura Branford
“Great Company. Knowledgeable and professional guys. They had answers to all my questions and most important completed the project quickly and clean.”
Vira M.
Green Restoration was fantastic and totally resolved some of the challenges I had in my basement and crawlspaces. They did a professional job and delivered on everything. The X factor was Gene who was truly fantastic. He is professional, knowledgeable and extremely ethical and someone I would recommend.
Jessica Phillips
I shared my feedback earlier but we had to use them again. Our basement got flooded after the heavy rain we had over the weekend. The crew arrived within an hour and did all the clean up. Customer service was great as usual. Highly recommended! Thank you!
Hunter Kleber
Green Restoration exceeded our expectations. The team took care of us and our remediation problem quickly and efficiently. The team members were beyond helpful and amazing at their job. We are so grateful to have found this company.
Leah Pariso

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